Encrypted Log Management System

The only place you'll ever need to store and manage your encrypted logs.

Worried about the safety of your logs? We got you!

We'll give you the key to send them encrypted. Each authorised team member can access them in the browser with their own key.

Scalable & Secure

Loglet is designed with your applications' security in mind and uses some of the most secure IaaS providers that can scale with your business.

Distributed authentication

Loglet uses UNLOQ technology to authenticate you and provide encryption keys.

Security certificates

Loglet uses valid RSA certificates and we constantly monitor our status with Qualys SSL Labs. Google Cloud, OVH are secure & certified partners that help us protect your users and files.

Everything's encrypted

We encrypt your logs with your application key, and store that encrypted with the key provided by UNLOQ. Your data never leaves your browser or application in plaintext.

Finally, there's a home for application logs!

Now you're safe. This is the only place where you can easily explore your logs in a truly secure way.

Encrypted logs

Set up as many applications as you want and send us your logs encrypted with your application key. We don't need to know anything. We never will.

Coming soon

Adding custom events, rule based notifications, dashboard & reporting are just a few of the obvious features we're working on. Spotting anomalies is what excites us.

Convenient & simple pricing.

5 GB storage, unlimited users, traffic & apps will be FREE forever.

In order to ensure you're in these limits we'll ask you the how many days/weeks you want us to store your logs and alert you if you pass over what you planned as your daily quota. In the end we'll delete the oldest logs once you reach the limit.

After beta you'll be able to upgrade to higher plans that will give you more space for prices between $1.5 to $7 per GB depending on volume.

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